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See how you and your church can be a part of completing the Great Commission

For the first time since Jesus delivered the Great Commission 2,000 years ago, its fulfillment is within our reach. 

 Out of more than 7,000 languages on earth, only 2,200 do not have a single verse of Scripture. If we work together, within 10 years every people group in the world can hear God speak to them in the language that touches their hearts. Join us to imagine a world where zero people are still waiting for God’s Word.

Translating the Great Commission

Barna Study

First, by sharing the in-depth results of the Barna Group’s recent study on changing views of the Bible and missions. Expert talks and peer discussions will help you apply these findings to your own community.

Imagine Zero Kit

Adopt-a-Verse kit

Second, by giving you a free, practical, customizable tool to mobilize your church on the Great Commission journey: the Adopt-a-Verse kit. With sermon outlines, PowerPoint slides, engagement materials, videos and more, it’s everything you need to get everyone involved.

And while the information is priceless, attending the Imagine Zero Summit is completely free (and lunch is on us). It’s our gift to you, our partner in fulfilling the Great Commission.

“I attended the Imagine Zero Summit because I feel strongly about investing in ministries that have an exponential factor, and Bible translation is that. Partnering with Seed Company allows our church to help propel the Gospel forward and reach the Bibleless.”

Jason Kennedy—Lead Pastor
Abundant Life Church, Grapevine, Texas



1,671 languages without a word of Scripture

0 languages without a word of Scripture

1,636 languages without a Bible translation started

Did You Know?

  • There are 7,099 known languages
  • Fewer than 10% of those languages have a full Bible
  • More than 75% of the world doesn’t have the New Testament

Thanks to new techniques and tools, the pace of Bible translation is accelerating as never before. No longer is it the solitary translator deep in the jungle working alone by candlelight. 

Teams of indigenous leaders are trained in translation techniques. Storytellers learn to convey Bible stories accurately for cultures where oral learning is the norm. Video translations are underway in sign language for the 400+ Deaf communities. Software and the Internet encourage collaboration that speeds the work. In fact, within three months of a project beginning, portions of Scripture are already being published and shared. 

That’s why we believe that within 10 years, we can have a Bible translation started in every language on earth ... if churches like yours will join together to Imagine Zero. Learn more at the Imagine Zero Summit near you!


Who is Seed Company?

Seed Company, a Wycliffe Bible Translators affiliate, has worked for 25 years to facilitate Bible translation. Partnering with translation groups around the world, we provide resources, training, and collaboration.

Berki: Bringing God’s Word to Life

When Berki became a Christian, his family rejected him for turning his back on his Ethiopian Hamer culture. They consulted witchdoctors to harm him and even ordered one of his brothers to kill him. But God protected him, and Berki went on to become a trained Bible storyteller.

Today he’s a full-time evangelist sharing God’s Word in the villages as part of the Hamer culture of oral teaching. “I am a thin man, but God is a big God,” Berki says. “He is working through me. Before, many refused to listen to what the Bible says. Since people have seen God at work in my life and since they have heard Bible stories in their own Hamer language, they want to know more about Jesus.”


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